Fast-track Inspections

Improve the consistency and efficiency of your internal property inspection process

It’s time to ditch paper-and-pen inspections and messy hard drives for the top rated property inspection software for internal teams.

Improve inspection consistency with Fast Track inspections
Improve inspection consistency
Improve Consistency

A more consistent, detailed inspection process

With RentCheck, property management teams can consistently capture and store property photos so nothing gets lost or forgotten in a messy drive or camera roll.

  • Consistent, step-by-step instructions improve inspection quality
  • Property data (like photos, conversations, and timelines) is organized in one place
  • Put inspections on an automated schedule so properties are consistently visited
Do more with less overhead
Faster Inspections

Do more, with less overhead

Property managers who switch from paper-and-pen methods are able to perform more inspections, faster.

  • Inspections are more consistent and organized
  • Compare move-out to move-in conditions in seconds
  • Send the right person with the right tools when appliances break
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Unlimited resident-led and internal inspections
  • Move-in
  • Move-out
  • Home Health Check
  • Maintenance & air filter/furnace checks
  • Occupancy check
  • Drive-by
  • Lease renewal
  • Pre-move out
  • Pre-acquisition
Side-by-side unit comparison reports
Live chat support for property teams
Live chat support for residents
per unit/month
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Everything included in Essential, plus:
Inspection report customization
Recurring inspections
Co-branded reporting
Maintenance flagging and reporting
Itemized deduction lists
Onboarding and training
Latchel work order integration
Custom messaging (coming soon)
PMS integration
  • Rent Manager
  • Zapier
  • Propertyware (coming soon)
  • Buildium (coming soon)
per unit/month
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Everything included in Professional, plus:
Dedicated Account Manager
RentCheck API
Asset Capture (pro add-on)
Custom inspection report templates (pro add-on)
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Frequently asked questions

More questions

What if a resident doesn't complete an inspection?

With RentCheck, it’s much more difficult for things to fall through the cracks. With our automated reminder system, we'll remind the resident two weeks before, one week before, every day for three days before an inspection, on the inspection due date, and every day for three days after an inspection date. RentCheck can also notify you as a deadline is approaching – or even overdue.

What is the benefit of RentCheck for property owners?

RentCheck helps property owners increase their oversight of each asset, recover revenue with preventative maintenance initiatives, and improve resident satisfaction by having a uniform inspection application with comprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities. Essentially, we allow anyone with a smartphone to use the RentCheck app to complete an inspection (move-ins, move-outs, annual, periodic, exterior, maintenance, and pre-acquisition) whether it's the team, contractors, or residents.

Why should I move from my pen-and-paper checklist?

Clients who moved from pen and paper to RentCheck say that they can complete more inspections by getting the residents involved and they have improved internal organization which means significant revenue recovery on an annual basis. In fact, clients who use RentCheck as their standard internal process recover around $60 per unit per year in management fees by streamlining and organizing inspections.

How do I make sure residents are capturing what I need and not hiding anything

We have a lot of customers who were hesitant to have their residents do their own inspections because they thought the inspection quality would be poor. But after giving it a try and seeing how our guided process ensured that residents were documenting properties as if your staff was there with them, they quickly embraced utilizing resident-led inspections as part of their process. They are now able to eliminate 80% of the inspections they had to send employees out to perform (saving tons of man-hours), and can have their internal team focus on inspecting the problem units (also using RentCheck) and taking care of maintenance issues. Our customer, Aaron Houser of Rebate Rentals said it best, "RentCheck is an excellent way to set and forget your routine inspections or to begin an inspection process. If you are looking for a solution to improve or leverage your unit inspection process, RentCheck just makes perfect sense.”

What customers say

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"RentCheck has helped us automate our property inspections, saving countless man-hours and scheduling headaches. Our homeowners love getting a thorough inspection with photos of their property, and our residents are empowered to take control over their security deposit. We love the team at RentCheck. They take our feedback and keep improving the platform. We can't recommend them enough!"
Jess Giles - Whole Property Management
Aaron Houser profile photo
"RentCheck is an excellent way to set and forget your routine inspections or to begin an inspection process. If you are looking for a solution to improve or leverage your unit inspection process, RentCheck just makes perfect sense."
Aaron Houser - Rebate Rentals
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"Now that we use RentCheck, residents can conduct the inspection themselves saving us time. Rentcheck has also proved invaluable upon move out.  It’s very easy to compare the move in report with the move out report.  Easy to show support charges against the resident deposits.  It’s a much more comprehensive report than we previously utilized. Rentcheck has been very receptive to feedback and exploring options if we run into issues.  I highly recommend Rentcheck.  We are very happy with their services."
Tina King - Windermere Property Management
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Integrations with your business in mind

We partner with property management, work order, and work automation software to streamline your workflows and save you and your team valuable time.

Rent Manager

Import and sync your unit and tenant directory from Rent Manager without the need for manual data entry. Completed inspection reports are automatically sent back to Rent Manager and updated in unit and tenant history notes.

Learn more


Flag maintenance issues identified during RentCheck inspections and create work orders instantly in Latchel.

Learn more


Import and sync your unit and tenant data without the need for manual data entry. Completed inspection reports are automatically sent back to Appfolio and updated in unit and tenant history notes. Easily create work orders in AppFolio for any maintenance issues identified during an inspection.

Learn more


Zapier is an online tool that empowers you to automate your work by connecting your favorite apps. With RentCheck’s Zapier integration, you can set triggers to automatically add units, add residents, and schedule inspections in RentCheck.

Learn more

Lead Simple

The Lead Simple Zapier Automation will add a property and resident, as well as schedule a resident-led move-in inspection in RentCheck, all in one go, once a new LeadSimple property onboarding process task is completed.

Learn more

RentCheck API

Interested in joining RentCheck as a channel or integration partner? Build your own integration with the RentCheck API. We’ll support you every step of the way.

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