Screenshot of RentCheck app showing how to add an inspection
RentCheck for multifamily

Inspections at your convenience.

RentCheck is easy for your residents and powerful for your team.

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Screenshot of RentCheck app showing how to add an inspection
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“Now our residents do the inspections and I’ve been able to get a 50% increase in bandwidth for my turn team.”

John Rapisarda
VP National Property Management - Roofstock

"It was great not to have to schedule an inspection.
Easy to use but super detailed.
Made me take note of things I wouldn't have otherwise noted.

Resident Feedback
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"Now that we use RentCheck, residents can conduct the inspection themselves saving us time. It’s very easy to compare the move in report with the move out report and show tenants support charges against the resident deposits.”

Tina King
Windermere Property Management
Screenshot of RentCheck app showing how to add an inspection

Make data your competitive advantage.

Put your inspections on auto-pilot to save time, quickly identify problems, and generate maintenance reports.

RentCheck is built for residents and property managers with a simple but detailed interface.

    Screenshot of RentCheck app showing inspection comparison

    Increase efficiency and reduce overhead.

    Save time on labor and unknown maintenance issues; increase resident satisfaction.

    Property managers save 90 minutes per inspection.

    Screenshot of RentCheck app showing how to add an inspection

    Compare inspection reports side-by-side.

    Spot inconsistencies with side-by-side reports. Avoid security deposit disputes with uniform data.

    Integrations with your business in mind

    Inspections on autopilot

    How it works


    Before RentCheck
    You handled coordination between yourself and each resident for every inspection.
    With RentCheck
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    There's no coordination needed. Residents or team members can complete inspections on their own. We ensure they get done with automated reminders.


    Before RentCheck
    You sent your team to each property and completed an inspection or you did nothing.
    With RentCheck
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    Residents can complete their own inspections that you fully customize.


    Before RentCheck
    You sent follow-up messages when residents didn't respond or show up for their inspection.
    With RentCheck
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    We automate reminders and make communication easier with emails and text message notifications.


    Before RentCheck
    You utilized multiple tools to stay organized and manually create reports for every inspection. You used pen and paper. You were inefficient.
    With RentCheck
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    Standardized reports are generated for every inspections, automatically. created for every inspection. The reports are stored in one place and can be shared with your internal team or property owners.
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