We give renters
peace of mind

At RentCheck we empower residents to document properties on their own with a transparent inspection solution that makes renting a win-win for everyone.

App store review from @happy-sam. "This app has been so helpful as a renter. It's been such an easy way to stay transparent with my landlord and have revolutionized move-in and move-out process. RentCheck has transformed that mess into an easy process"

RentCheck for residents

Taking the time to document the condition of your rental is one of the easiest things you can do as a renter to protect your security deposit and prevent disagreements down the line. Our simple  guided walkthroughs cover all the bases and make completing inspections easy.

Inspections on your schedule

Complete inspections at your convenience without having to coordinate a walkthrough with your property manager or landlord.

We've got your back

Once you've completed your inspection, all your data is time-stamped and stored securely, backed up to the Cloud and readily available the moment you need it.

Screenshot from the RentCheck app of a oven inspection

Invited by a property manager or landlord?

Did you receive an email requesting that you complete an inspection on RentCheck?
If so, your property manager or landlord is using RentCheck to record inspections.

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Download the app

Accept the invite by downloading the app in the iOS App Store or Google Play. Your inspection will be automatically added if you sign up with the same email address. Otherwise, the invite email will also include a 4-digit code that you can use to claim the inspection request.

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complete the inspection

Follow the on-screen instructions and prompts. Take photos, check appliances, evaluate each room’s condition, and add notes. We walk you through every step of the process.

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You're done

That's it! Once you've completed the inspection, we let your property manager or landlord know so they can review for completeness. And you have an unalterable and time-stamped report you can download at any time.

Resident feedback quote. "It was great not to have to schedule an inspection. Easy to use but super detailed! Made me take note of things I wouldn't otherwise have noted.

Want to use RentCheck
on your own?

You can also use RentCheck on your own to complete an inspection, even if your property manager or landlord doesn't require one. It's one of the easiest things you can do to protect your security deposit. It also makes moving a lot smoother! Simply download the app, available on iOS or Android, and you'll be on your way in no time to creating move-in, move-out, or annual inspections.

Share with your property manager or landlord and we'll send them an email with a link to download the completed inspection report.

A woman taking a photo of a window. A screenshot of the RentCheck app.