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RentCheck for Enterprise

Inspections are your greatest asset.

Automate your process.
Generate accurate and consistent reports.
Enable your team to identify issues sooner.

Make better decisions with more data.

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“Now our residents do the inspections and I’ve been able to get a 50% increase in bandwidth for my turn team.”

John Rapisarda
VP National Property Management - Roofstock

"It was great not to have to schedule an inspection.
Easy to use but super detailed.
Made me take note of things I wouldn't have otherwise noted.

Resident Feedback
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"Now that we use RentCheck, tenants can conduct the inspection themselves saving us time. It’s very easy to compare the move in report with the move out report and show tenants support charges against the tenant deposits.”

Tina King
Windermere Property Management

Inspections for every stage of the lease cycle.


  • Intuitive & user-friendly inspections for residents, team, and vendors
  • Inspection automation and scheduling
  • Inspection customization
  • Unit, Building, and Community inspection coverage.

Lease life

  • Inspection reports and data are automatically updated in PMS
  • Preventative maintenance with automated inspections
  • Comparable resident led and internal team inspections


  • Create and automate orders from RentCheck
  • Leverage vendors and inspection professionals
  • Integrations to make life easy
  • Comprehensive reporting and dashboards
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RentCheck for large portfolios

2B Living uses RentCheck to scale and increase team efficency.


Minutes saved per inspection


On time completion rate for residents.


Resident-led inspections completed per month

Designed for operational efficiency

Accepting Inspection in RentCheck

Reduce Expenses

Save money with resident-led inspections. Save even more by implementing preventive maintenance procedures.

Reduce Labor

Eliminate resident coordination, drive time, and standardize your process.

Stay Informed

Enable real-time visibility and generate accurate/consistent reports for both residents and owners.

Prevent Serious Damage

Avoid surprises and inefficiencies that increase turn time and turn costs.

RentCheck Integrations

Integrate with Ease

Import data and export work orders from existing systems.

Make Data Driven Decisions

Identify data trends and take action.

Integrations with your business in mind