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How it works


Before RentCheck
You had to set reminders for every inspection at every property. Then you had to coordinate with each tenant individually to find a date/time for each inspection.
With RentCheck
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There's no coordination because tenants can complete inspections on their own. If you still want to do an inspection yourself, we handle all the reminders. Just set it and forget it.


Before RentCheck
You needed to drive to each property and do the inspection yourself or hire a professional inspector for every inspection.
With RentCheck
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Tenants can do their own inspections.


Before RentCheck
You had to remember to send follow emails and text messages when people didn't respond. Or deal with people no-showing at their inspection time.
With RentCheck
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We automatically send multiple emails and text messages to tenants to remind them of upcoming inspections.


Before RentCheck
Everything is stored across a bunch of different Google docs and spreadsheets. You had to manually create a report for every property.
With RentCheck
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Standardized reports are automatically created for every inspection. Reports are stored in one place and can easily be shared with your maintenance crew or property owners.
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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get all of my properties uploaded?

We handle this for you for free. Simply export your properties from your current system (AppFolio, RentManager, Etc.) as a CSV or Excel and include full property address (include unit if multi-family) & bedrooms/bathrooms.

Send the file to and they will be uploaded to your account within 24 hours.

How do inspection invites and reminders work?

RentCheck sends an initial email to the resident letting them know that you’ve requested that they complete an inspection on the RentCheck mobile app and with details of how to accept the invite.Then, based on the due date you enter and until the inspection is completed, we send an email reminders until the inspection is completed. You can read more about reminders here.

Also please note that if you’d like for these reminders to come from your company (rather than an individual) the easiest thing to do is update your name from the account settings page. Here you can click Edit to change your name to your company name and this change will be reflected in email reminders so that residents know inspection requests are coming from your company.

How do I send out a property inspection?

Review and edit the property to ensure you have the correct rooms/areas included.

Select to add an inspection and choose the type of inspection, move-in/out, periodic, annual, or turn.

Next, select the due date you want the inspection completed by, and then enter in the email of the person you want to perform the inspection.

Once you’ve set up an inspection and requested that a resident complete it, we take care of all of the reminders to help ensure it gets done.