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November 3, 2020

We’re excited to introduce maintenance checks – a new type of inspection that lets you check and inspect specific features of a unit without having to document every room and area.

  • Need to send a maintenance technician or handyman out to follow up on a maintenance issue?
  • Need to perform or request an HVAC check?
  • Turning over a unit and need to follow up on specific items that weren’t up to standard at move-out?

You can do all of the above with a maintenance check.

Setting up a maintenance check inspection

Select the option for ‘Maintenance Check’ when adding an inspection from the RentCheck desktop web app. On the next screen search for and add the specific features you would like to include in the inspection. You can add as few or as many as you like.

From there, you can request that someone else complete the maintenance check or select to perform yourself – just as you would for other types of inspections.

Inspection walkthrough improvement: N/A reporting

We’ve added the ability for residents and others performing an inspection to mark rooms and/or features as ‘Not Applicable’ to the unit. This update comes in response to feedback from both residents and property managers and our hope is that it will improve the experience for both parties.

Up until now, the only option for residents was to ‘skip’ features in an inspection. While this offered the flexibility needed in some cases to complete an inspection it could also be frustrating for the resident not to be able to report rooms or features not relevant to their unit.  We also found it could have the effect of skipping steps unnecessarily.

With this update, we’ve replaced ‘Skip’ with ‘Not Applicable’ so residents have a way to let you know about details of a property you may want to update to ensure more accurate inspections down the line. Our hope is that residents will complete inspections faster with this improvement and provide you with more complete and accurate inspection reporting.

Inspection approval improvements

Based on early feedback and usage of our new inspection approval process, we’ve made a few tweaks to the approval sceen to improve usability and messaging.

A couple points worth noting:

Your inspection quality rating is designed to help RentCheck make inspections better for everyone. We don’t publish the rating or share it with anyone else but use it to understand how we can improve and deliver the best possible product. We also hope that you will use the note field, which is also private, to share any feedback or important details about the inspection report that contributed to your rating.

RentCheck Staff
November 3, 2020