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Signature Requests Added!

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RentCheck Staff
April 6, 2021

Now request signatures on any RentCheck inspection

RentCheck is continuing to make property inspections transparent and simple for both the resident and the property manager. The most crucial aspect of the inspection process is that everyone involved is on the same page. While remote, resident-led inspections completed on RentCheck have previously enabled sign-off and approval from both parties, up until now, the same has not been true for inspections self-performed by property managers.  

Signature Requests

Now, after one of your inspections has been completed, you have the option to request additional signatures on the completed inspection report.

With this update, you have more options! Need a resident to review and sign off on an inspection you’ve completed? Done. Need signatures of others? No problem.

Signature Requests in Action

You can request signatures on an inspection report from either our desktop web app or our mobile app. From your desktop or laptop, on the Inspection Details page, select “Request Signatures” from the “Manage” dropdown menu at the top right of the page.

From our mobile app, you can find the “Request Signatures” option from the 3-dot menu on the Inspection Details screen.

Enter one or more email addresses and add an optional note to include in the signature request email. We’ll take care of everything else. Recipients will receive a link that will direct them right to the completed inspection where they can review photos, condition ratings, questions and answers, and any notes before signing electronically. You’ll receive an email notification once the signature request has been fulfilled and you can also keep tabs from the Inspection Timeline.

We’re really excited about this additional functionality. As always reach out to us at hello@getrentcheck.com or through our chat box with any feedback on how we can make it better. We can’t wait to hear from you!