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RentCheck Staff
October 6, 2020

Your inspections just got better.

Our latest updates help you stay on top of your inspections while delivering an even better experience for residents.

Read on to learn more about our latest updates.

Approve and sign off on inspections

Our new approval and sign off flow brings completed inspections to your attention so you can finalize and sign off after reviewing for completeness and accuracy. Look out for the new ‘Needs Review’ label in your Inspections list.

Request revisions on an inspection to send back to the resident to complete

Not ready to approve and sign off on an inspection? No problem. Request that a resident make revisions and explain what changes need to be made. We’ll send them a notification with instructions on how to update and resubmit the inspection.

Send text reminders

Nine out of ten residents who accept an inspection request successfully complete it, which is why we are always looking at ways we can improve the likelihood that inspections will be completed on time. With RentCheck, you can send both email and text reminders on your own, right from our desktop web app or mobile app. We’re also working on an enhanced inspection timeline that will show a history of all key events and communication sent for an inspection – we expect to release this soon.

Spanish version of our mobile app

Spanish speakers will now be able to sign up and complete inspections through a fully-translated Spanish interface. The Spanish version is presented automatically to users who have chosen Spanish as their preferred language on their phone or tablet.

New inspection feature and question customization options

We’re happy to begin offering some inspection customization options. These include the ability to hide specific features and questions as well as add your own custom questions to a specific type of inspection. If this is something you’re interested in, please let us know and we’ll follow up with more details.

Camera upgrades

We’re now offering an ultra wide angle option as well as a 2x optical zoom on iOS when supported by your device.  We’ve also added the ability to ‘tap to focus’ for improved image quality. As we work to extend our camera offering we’d love to hear from you. What’s missing and what would you most like to see added? Let us know!

Additional mobile app features & improvements

  • We’ve improved the design of our inspection question and answer screens to make it more clear to users that they are answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to any given question.
  • We’ve added a screen that defines good, fair, and poor ratings for users to help make inspections less subjective.
  • We’re now requiring users to enter a clarifying note when they answer no to one or more questions on a feature (as has already been the case when users give a poor rating).

Coming soon!

We’ve got a lot of great things coming your way in the future as well. Stay tuned for more exciting updates that include:

  • Multi-recipient inspection invites
  • Text invites and notifications
  • Offline support when performing an inspection
  • Inspection timeline & event log
  • Additional options to close out and finalize inspections
  • Integrations and automation
  • Ability for residents to mark rooms and features as N/A during an inspection (instead of skipping)
  • Maintenance checks
  • Resident directory imports & management

As always we would love to hear what you think and appreciate your feedback. Have an idea on how we can make our product better? Let us know. See something missing? Let us know. Just message us anytime through our chat box or you can always schedule a quick call here