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Replace Assumption With Communication

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Marco Nelson
February 21, 2019

Replace assumption with communication

What’s the biggest problem between landlords and tenants?


Remember that saying: “Assume makes an a____ of you and me?”

Landlords generally assume tenants will trash the rental unit.

Tenants assume they won’t get their security deposits back.

How can you change this?

rent check app

Replace assumption with communication.

And one of the best ways to do that is transparency from the get-go. The RentCheck app allows landlords and tenants to document the condition of the unit prior to move in, leaving nothing to chance. Using the app eliminates “he said, she said” scenarios as smart phone technology records every aspect of the property.

Issues that appear from the beginning could be resolved before they become larger problems. By addressing tenants’ concerns, you can avoid animosity and ensure your property will be maintained.

These could include simple repairs, like fixing a cracked window, or more significant renovations, like upgrading the heating and air conditioning.

Keep an open door to communication. Check in with tenants as the seasons change to be sure the unit is as energy efficient as possible, saving both you and the tenant money. Following a routine maintenance schedule could avoid costly repairs or replacements, and avoid expensive emergency visits by plumbers and electricians.

RentCheck helps you save money, protects your property, and turns assumptions into communication.