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April 30, 2021

Schedule your future inspections

New to RentCheck this week is the ability to schedule a future property inspection. We know how challenging it can be to manage multiple inspections for countless property units. With leases starting at various times, sticking to a timely inspection routine is not easy. We’re excited to say that RentCheck is here to help you manage that schedule, with our latest feature.

Upon creating a property inspection, the scheduling prompt will give the option to create any type of inspection at a future date. It’s your choice, either we can send you a reminder to request the inspection or we can send the inspection directly to the resident for you!

This is only the beginning for scheduled inspections. We have many more exciting ideas to help you continue saving time and staying on top of inspections.

What else is new?

An invite code is included in every new inspection request sent to a resident. This code ensures that the resident is performing the exact inspection the property manager has requested. Previously, this code was only included in the original request email, but we are glad to announce that we've added this code to inspections reminders sent via SMS. This change will lead to more completed inspections and less questions from residents.

We have so many exciting features that will be coming in the future but we’re always looking to hear direct from you. Reach out to us at or through our chat box with any feedback on how we can make it better. We can’t wait to hear from you!

RentCheck Staff
April 30, 2021