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Cleaning Up From The Holidays

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February 20, 2019

Here are some tips for cleaning up from the holidays:

Christmas Trees

Inform tenants what days real trees will be collected curbside by your municipality. If you’re in a rural area, perhaps provide a receptacle or location for trees to be placed so you can arrange disposal.

For artificial trees, remind tenants to remove all ornaments and lights. Then the tree can be stored in a bag or box or even shrink –wrapped. Try to provide a secure, dry place for tenants to place seasonal items.


Wreaths can be hung on coat hangers and covered with plastic from the dry cleaning or poke a hole in a large trash bag. If you have an attic or garage, offer some space for tenants to hang wreaths. paragraph text here.


Suggest tenants pack ornaments in egg cartons, or plastic cups lined with tissue paper. Or use clear plastic boxes and label what’s inside. Tennis ball containers or plastic bottles can hold beads. Electric cords and lights can be stored inside empty paper towel tubes or around pieces of cardboard. Perhaps provide tenants with a large, plastic bin with a cover for their use. This would give equal space to everyone and keep your storage place clean.

Clean, secure storage options ensure tenants keep their units tidy and free of obstacles.

Stuffed puppets for sale

There’s no better time than the New Year to start off on good terms with tenants.

If you’re in a winter weather area, protect tenants from falls on ice by staying on top of snowfalls and changes in temperatures. Be sure sidewalks, parking lot, and entryways are shoveled and sanded. The New Year may bring new tenants. Introduce them to RentCheck to keep communication open and everything transparent.

Happy New Year!